IVNet Domain Registration Services


Our IVNet domain registration services will help you in the first step in creating your website or email services. Buy a domain name and you’re ready to start advertising your passion, business, or blog to the world. A domain name gives your website its identity online – a way of being able to broadcast what you have to offer across the web, as well as making it easy for clients to find you.

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is your websites online street address. People need to know where to find you! Ready to start or wrap up your journey in making an online presence?

Here’s how to begin domain name registration:

Think about your business name and possible acronyms. Domain names must be greater than three characters and less than 63 characters long. Keep the domain name you buy simple, memorable, easy to type and straight to the point.

By choosing a relevant name, users online will be able to find your business through keyword searches in Google even if they forget your URL!  

Ready to get started or have questions?